Get To Know: Tommy Simmons

Meet The Veep

Tommy Simmons - “Joseph” live at the Jet City Stream Studios

This young singer songwriter from Puyallup made me feel like a bit of Coug when he visited JCS today, but it turns it wasn’t because he’s a younger man, it’s because he actually is a Wazzu grad! Not only that, he was the Vice President of his senior class. Tommy tells the story of how the political spotlight drove him right to the, well, spotlight as an artist. He also plays 3 beautiful songs, stripped down and acoustic.

Let’s meet Tommy:


Tommy At The Hard Rock


Tommy sings an exclusive, acoustic version of Got You By The Soul


Tommy At JCS

Tommy mentioned he’s from Puyallup, so I had to ask about The Fair, food, and festivities he enjoys there. Plus, Tommy’s political life at Wazzu helped him realize he didn’t avtually want to be in politics.


And again at JCS

Tommy treated us to an unreleased song called All In:


And finally, the real treat came when Tommy sing us a haunging little song about a friendly ghost named Joseph

In addition to being smart and talented, Tommy’s a hugger. So if you see him around, plant a big one on him from me! (Ok, that was a litle coug-ish)

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